A great way to get your outdoor adventure career started is to take a fast track activity instructor course. Often run by activity or specialist outdoor training centres, these courses are run to national standards and equip you with a range of NGB awards that will make your CV stand out from the crowd, and enable you to begin teaching and earning in your chosen field of outdoor adventure. Click on the courses below to read more about each activity instructor course and to fill in a quick form for further details.



How do outdoor adventure courses work?

Colleges and universities offer a range of outdoor education courses and this is certainly one route into an outdoor adventure career (find out more in our theory vs practice article). The instructor training courses featured above, especially the longer duration courses, could be considered an alternative route to college or university.

Activity Instructor Courses can last anywhere from a short 4 weeks, which is often much more intensive, to as much as six months. Obviously the cost of each course will vary, as will the amount of ground you can cover and therefore the number of national governing body awards you can collect along the way. The longer duration courses are likely to involve more in the way of practical teaching experience, whereas the shorter courses are likely to be almost exclusively focused on gaining the required skills. Make sure you check the course start dates, or use the short form to ask about dates if non are provided.

Choose a course that fits your budget, the time you have available, but above all, check what types of qualification you will gain upon graduation, and how that fits into your long term goals. If, for example, you enjoy kayaking and wish to improve your qualifications, but also want to gain climbing and navigation experience, make sure you ask the course provider to see how much scope their course has. You may find they are willing to help you specialise in certain areas.

How much should an activity course cost? Fast track outdoor adventure courses can often reach the £5,000 mark, which is a significant amount of money, until you consider how much you get back from the experience. Professional tuition and careers advice from leading experts in the field is combined with plenty of hands on teaching experience, and lots of certificates from the relevant governing bodies. Suddenly, the cost of your course becomes a sound investment for anyone serious about a career in outdoor adventure.