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American Village camps were created for French youth in 1994. Our English-immersion camps create a positive environment where it is fun, natural & necessary to use English. This is often the first true immersion experience for the youth under our care! Our camps are run by Nacel France, and belong to the Go&Live corporate group. The Go&Live group promotes learning in France through active participation, cultural exchange and linguistic immersion.

Why are American Village so good to work for?

This is a unique work experience in rural France, working on a multi-cultural team while having fun with the campers under your care. - A salary for all days worked : 1170 Euros / month . - Shared dorm-style housing with other counselors, bedding included. - Meals included. - Free laundry services are available at least once a week. - Absolutely no application fee to apply to this job. - All counselors may request a 50€ defrayal of train travel to their village. - Nacel will pay any work-related transportation costs if the counselor has to change work locations. Working at American Village Camps is a good first ESL job. It gives you experience - Making lesson plans (2 hrs of ESL class, daily) - Using ESL games - Working with beginners - Practicing TPR - Perfecting your communication skills - Meeting other ESL teachers - Getting international work experience All the while having fun with games and activities in English. For more seasoned ESL teachers, it is a good fit if you are ready to get out of the classroom and onto the playing field! This is a language camp counselor job, there are no ESL office hours, if the kids have questions, they will ask you while playing with you in activities!

Camp Counselor in France

Camp Counselor in France

We’ve been running English camps for French children since 1994! With multiple locations across France, American Village Language Immersion Camps welcome thousands of kids each year. Our caring, fun, and professional counselor team is a part of what makes our camp so loved by our campers!
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