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Working for Camp America

Camp America is a cultural exchange programme that gives young people just like you, the chance to participate on nine week placements in the USA. Your role can vary from looking after the kids on camp and teaching activities as a Counsellor, to looking after the camp in a Campower role. You also get 30 days at the end of placement to travel the USA and explore all the country has to offer. Road Trip. We give you the opportunity to spend your summer doing something different whilst making an impact and gaining new skills, new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Camp America is recognised and supported by employers and academic institutions all over the world, making this an amazing and unique addition to your CV. In fact, you might struggle to add all of the new employability skills that you're going to gain. Camp America is for everyone. There are no qualifications required. So whether you’re already studying, about to start, looking for a career break or taking a gap year – the Camp America programme will fit perfectly into your summer break. So what are you waiting for? Sign up with us now for more info.

Why are Camp America so good to work for?

Camp America is truly the most unique summer job experience you can get. You get to work with amazing people from all over the world who will become life long friends. You get to work in amazing locations and environments that our camps are located in. You get to take part in amazing activities in; Watersports, Outdoor Adventure, Sports, Performing Arts and so much more including traditional camp fun and games! The skills and experience you will gain/build on at camp are not only going to lead to an amazing summer but also strengthen your CV and future job prospects.

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