Camp Canada Adventure Jobs

Working for Camp Canada

Camp Canada is the opportunity for you to spend 8-10 weeks living and working in a summer camp surrounded by amazing Canadian landscapes. You will be responsible for campers, either by acting as a role model and ensuring the wellbeing of your campers as a Camp Counsellor or by teaching different groups of campers your chosen skill as an Activity Specialist. After camp, there is a chance to travel for up to 6 months and explore the vast mountain ranges of Canada. You could take a trip to Niagara Falls, or even dive into one of Canada's metropolitan cities and discover some truly unbeatable diners, bars, and restaurants.

Why are Camp Canada so good to work for?

Here at Camp Canada we are the Canadian summer camp experts. Our purpose has always been to match the best summer camps with the best people. There’s nothing quite like a summer job in Canada, and there’s no job greater than summer camp. When you are working with children in some of the world’s most breathtaking locations, you know you’ve got an unbeatable summer experience. Open the door and step into the wilderness. This is summer camp elevated.

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