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Working for Galloway Activity Centre

The GAC is an RYA training and activity centre on the shores of Loch Ken, Southern Scotland. We started off as a small sailing school in 1988 and have grown into one of the largest activity centres in Scotland. Throughout the year our customers include families, school groups, scouts and potential instructors.

Why are Galloway Activity Centre so good to work for?

You're better off asking our previous staff...we're biased! "I thoroughly enjoyed my time at GAC, i learnt a lot and met a lot of amazing people! The variety of instructors that are there to teach you are incredible." Robin "I had the chance to meet and work with some great people and got to see the view of Loch Ken every day. It really was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had!" Rhi "During my time at GAC I gained so much life confidence, I learned how to lead sessions and speak with confidence to large groups." Tegan "During my season at GAC i experienced so much, developing my confidence and practical sailing abilities. When i first arrived at GAC i was so nervous to even walk down the corridor, but with in a week i was loving it." Ainsley "Undoubtedly the work placement shaped the instructor I am today and my fundamental teaching method." Dan "The whole season was great. The best part for me was the amount of knowledge i picked up." Nickoli

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