Robinwood Adventure Jobs

Working for Robinwood

Robinwood is a leading provider of residential multi-activity courses for primary schools in the North of England and North Wales. Every year around 50,000 children attend a Robinwood course at one of our activity centres. Our courses are so popular that we are well-booked all year round, enabling us to offer staff permanent employment, which is unusual within our industry.

Why are Robinwood so good to work for?

The wellbeing and work-life balance of our staff team is very important to us, Staff can choose between 3, 4 or 5-day contracts and work the same regular days each week, with manageable hours and around 12 weeks holiday a year! We recruit people on their positivity and enthusiasm, as well as their ability to support others. We have a excellent framework for staff support, personal development and career progression.

Sorry, are not currently advertising any vacancies.