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Working for Warriors Academy

We are passionate about equipping young men and women with the skills and life experiences they need to succeed at university, in a career, and in life by creating an environment for personal and professional growth. The foundation of the program is to support the transition of entering adulthood. Being completely different from the typical well-worn commercial gap-years, Warriors has had exceptional results and success for almost 2 decades.

Why are Warriors Academy so good to work for?

Warriors academy is accredited by the international gap year Association, which means that we have passed the rigorous, safety, and professional standards giving you the peace of mind that you are dealing with a credible and professional organisation. Warriors Academy is International and Multicultural creating an environment where you will have the freedom and exposure to understand our world and there for becoming a bone fide global citizen with an international network. Warriors Academy is ideal for school leavers and for all those looking to reassess their direction during or after their studies. The highly qualified Staff at Warriors Academy, hold a Multi Activity Instructor Certification putting you in the hands of passionate leaders and experts. Warriors Academy gap year consists of 4 7 week- stand-alone programs giving you the flexibility to participate in as many program as you like. Warriors Academy leads by providing the most comprehensive variety of, unrivalled training, activities experiences and travel visiting all 9 provinces and 4 neighbouring countries. This gives students a broader perspective and the skills to adapt and thrive in a fast paced and challenging world. We are the only Training Academy that uses the internationally renowned life coach and personal mastery specialist Rudi Viljoen. During the program student will explore, discover and create their own greatness leading to independent emotionally mature adults. We are an international adventure and outdoor training Institution. completing your warriors Academy gap year program serves as your first year of your multi activity instructor qualification. Should you decide to pursue a career in the outdoor and adventure tourism industry you will be miles ahead.

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