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Working for Wildpacks

Wild Packs specialise in finding summer camp jobs for hundreds of young people every year. We work with over 250 premium camps, based all over the USA from the east coast to the west, mid-west to the deep south! The year round team at Wild Packs HQ have worked on camp for years and many of us return each summer to embrace the mayhem of camp! We understand the power and magic of summer camp. If you are looking for an agency who will work with you on a personal level, cares about the welfare of you and the campers, offers a higher than average salary and is staffed by camp professionals then choose Wild Packs Summer Camps.

Why are Wildpacks so good to work for?

Working in a summer camp in America opens many doors. Not only is it a fantastic thing to have on your CV (employers are always very interested in hearing stories from camp) but it's an amazing way to improve upon your skills and experience working with children. After 8 weeks at camp you'll be a pro! All of the camps we work with will put your through an extensive training program prior to the arrival of the campers. You may also have the opportunity to gain certifications, such as the Red Cross Lifeguard cert or a climbing qualification. Camp is also a fantastic place for personal development. By the time camp has finished you'll be sure whether you want to work with children in the future, you'll have worked with a huge range of different personalities and seen some of the sights of the US along the way. When at camp you'll be able to take part in activities alongside the campers. One day you might find yourself riding a horse, the next waterskiing behind a boat!

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