The American Summer Camp concept has spread to more countries and is a popular way for children to spend their summer, making new friends, learning new skills and enjoying new activities. With millions of children taking part in summer camps every year, the demand for staff is growing and the opportunities to work in a summer camp are numerous.

What types of roles are available?

The staff functions at a summer camp cover a wide range of roles. The most popular job roles include activity leaders, camp counsellors, site managers. Your day will start with a meeting, followed by a day filled with activities that last well into the late evening. It's a long day, but you'll be fed well.

What's the pay like?

The amount of money you will make as a summer camp activity instructor will vary from company to company, but as with many outdoor jobs, you aren't going to get rich. With accommodation and food taken care of, your outgoings will be minimal so you should be able to save a good chunk of what you earn. As long as you view your job at the summer activity camp as a fun adventure and enjoy the experience, chances are you'll complete the experience with the view that the wages were a bonus.

What activities are available?

The diverse range of summer camp activities range from tennis to abseiling, with plenty of watersports, and woodland bushcraft activities helping teach young people team building and problem solving skills. Different summer camps will have different focus - some may be more about athletic sports while other focus more on sustainability or simply being closer to nature.

What is the accommodation like?

Some camps will have indoor accommodation, while others will make use in tents or slightly more luxurious yurts to enhance that outdoor living experience. Don't expect luxury hotel style living quarters, you are there to teach or help with the running of the venue and you should be well looked after and catered for.