Camp Counselor in France

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newspaper Activity Instructor
locationEurope, France
start dateSeptember 10
salary 1170 euros per month
accommodation includedAccommodation included
training providedTraining provided

What separates us from our competitors from a camper's perspective is that thir counselors are REAL north American and British Counselors. For many of our campers, these are the first foreigners that they will ever meet.

What separates us from our competitors from a parent's perspective - aside authenticity in hiring - is the high-quality childcare that we provide. Camper safety and well-being is at the heart of our company's mission and values. For example, we ratio staff 1 counselor for 5 campers (over twice the minimum in France).

What separates us from a seasonal employee's perspective is that we use humour and creativity in the learning process. Often counselors are surprised that they are "paid to be silly".

Camp Counselor in France

typical day A Typical Day in the Job

Our camps provide a unique work experience in rural France, working on a multi-cultural team and meeting people from all over France as well as Anglophone countries across the globe - all while having fun with the campers under your care.

Our English Language Counselors live at camp! They lead activities & English classes for French children between the ages of 7 & 17 years old. Typical camp activities include sports, arts & crafts, dance, large scale games, etc. Counselors perform in skits, dress up in costumes, tell stories, and lead songs & cheers, daily. In the classroom, you would use ESL games and teach based on our lesson overviews. You would participate in daily team meetings with the other counselors.

Counselors are, of course, responsible for the safety and general well-being of the campers under their care.

ideal candidate Who are we looking for?

We look for team players who love working with children! No French is required for this job. In fact, no counselor may speak French during employment!

We only seek Language Counselors who are native English speakers, with camp counseling, childcare, &/or teaching experience. A professional reference letter (or completed form) is requrired. Also, each candidate must possess a high school diploma from a high school in an Anglophone country; correct grammar and spelling on application are both required.
Language Counselors must have a clear criminal history, and be at least 20 years old.

Counselors must know enough about USA or UK History and Culture to brainstorm themed recreational activities and skits.

our offer What we can offer you

We offer a monthly wage, meals and on-site accommodation. Working at American Village Camps is a good ESL job. For debutants, it gives you international experience within a well-defined structure. For more seasoned ESL teachers, it is a good fit if you are ready to get out of the classroom, and onto the playing field! In terms of salary, our counselors are paid two times the minimum daily salary for camp counselors in France.

While our counselors live and work on-location at camp, they generally use their time before or after their employment to discover France - its traditions, cuisine, landscapes, language and people. Our teams can be quite multi-cultural and friendships are easily made in a camp setting. Working with children is a rewarding experience and also, a lot of fun!


special offers Current Offers

English Language counselor at American village camps in France!
Work in France this summer!

We are currently hiring for the following start dates at American Village Camps

- May 22nd
- June 26th
- July 1st

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